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The Legend of Sleepy Herschel
Snodgrass in Space
Herschel Snodgrass and the Super CLAM-U-Lator
Herschel Snodgrass, Man of Mystery. A short story.
Snodgrass is Born. A short story.
Be Yourself. A short story.
Snodgrass Goes Back to Space. A short story.
The Wisdom Formula. A Professor Square short story.
The Carnival of Life. A Snodgrass short story.
Diabolus Seeks Revenge. For skilled readers. 90 pages!
Wilbur, Master of the Rats. For skilled readers. 102 pages!

Coming Soon:
Antilla Fan Site! Herschel's favorite Punk Ant Band.
Good Clean Fun and Games
Herschel's Adventures in 3D
The Legend of Sleepy Herschel 3D Cookie Jar World
Snodgrass in Space 3D Spaceship
Herschel Snodgrass and the Super CLAM-U-Lator in 3D
The Kingdom of Mansoul in 3D
More Games
Coming Soon!
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We've posted an example of a 3D scene! Check it out.
Match the Snodgrassers! Easy (requires Flash Player)
Make Your Own Snodgrassers! Very fun
I Promise... A look at unwise promises
What's Wrong with this Game? Medium hard
Toobie-Tac-Toe. (requires Flash Player)
Make a Fish. (requires Flash Player)
This is a place for kids, featuring the many wild adventures of our boy hero, Herschel C. Snodgrass and friends, plus much more. Always fun, always free.
Herschel Snodgrass and the Super CLAM-U-Lator
Snodgrass in Space
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